Poets in the Making!

Ms. Corbett has worked very hard over the last few weeks helping us to compose our own poems. We wrote poems about colours and poems about feeling lazy. It was great fun. We hope you like them!

Colour Poems


Purple, purple, purple I love you,

Purple, purple, purple I love my purple glue,

Purple, purple, purple, I love a purple shoe,

Purple, purple, purple I have you.

Purple, purple, purple we say Boo !

By Ciara .N


Pink is paper,

Pink is a pig,

Pink is a flower

Pink is a dress,

Pink is a press,

Pink is lipstick,

Pink is a rose,

Pink is a bow,

Pink is a bead,

Pink is thread,

And that’s all I need.

By Emma.H


Red as an apple,

Red as a rose,

Red as jam

And red as tomatoes

Red is a colour,

One of many I know.

It’s my favourite colour

In the rainbow.

By Anna Sheerin.


Blue as the sky,

Blue as the water,

Blue is the colour of all the sea water,

Blue is the colour that I like best,

Blue is the colour of my favourite dress.

By Sarah Nestor.


Red is an apple.

Red is a rose.

Red is lava.

Red is books.



We all wear green

On St. Patrick’s Day

Holding our shamrocks

And shouting hooray!

By Jay


Green are frogs,

green are leaves,

green are grapes,

green are trees.

BY Katie.


Brown is a press

Brown is a windsill

Brown is a chicken

Brown is a chair.

By Dylan McManus

When I Am Lazy Poems

When I am lazy

I don’t want to get out of bed,

I pretend that I have a sore head.

My mum said don’t fool me,

Because there’s school you see.

I yawn and sleep in the middle of class,

And this makes the teacher really cross.

The teacher said if I’m lazy once more you will be put outside the door.

By Caoimhe McDonnell

When I am lazy,

I fall asleep into my dinner,

I go to bed and fall asleep,

I lie down on the couch,

I am very very sleepy.

I like to slouch,

I yawn all day.

Don’t do my homework,

I eat, sleep and watch tv.

By Helen Lynch

When I am lazy

I lie and sit down

I put my feet up,

Or drag them around

I get a blanket,

Watch tv,

I don’t do my homework,

Or my chores,

That’s me.

I go around yawning

What a bore

I make Mum do it all

‘Cause that’s lazy me!

By Chloe Heavin

When I am lazy,

I sit down and put my feet up.

I don’t feel like jumping around.

I like watching telly

And eating ice-cream and jelly

While scratching my belly.

In comes my mum and say get ready for bed

You big lazy head.

By Dylan.

When I am lazy,

I go to bed,

And switch on the tv,

And lie down my head.

I drag my feet on the floor,

And fall asleep in my dinner.

By Rachel Turley.

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