In preparation for the 1916 celebrations and the raising of our National Flag we have been learning about the Irish flag. These are the most important points we have learned.

  • The colours of the Irish flag are green, white and orange.
  • The Irish flag can also be called the tri-colour.
  • The green and orange of the flag represent all of the people living in Ireland.
  • The white of the flag symbolises peace for all of our people.

When flying our National Flag:

  • No other flag should be flown above it.
  • You should never let it touch the ground.
  • It should never be flown near trees or power lines in case it becomes entangles.
  • If the flag becomes frayed or worn it should be replaced.
  • It should not be left flying at night unless it is illuminated.
  • If our National Flag is flying you should always turn to face it when our National Anthem (Amhrán ns bhFiann) is being played or sung.
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