6th Class Cookery Course

For the last five weeks, sixth class have been going down to the old school for cookery classes. We made delicious, healthy dishes that were easy but fun to make at home.

My honest opinion is that I loved the whole experience, learning how to peel potatoes and using forks and knifes properly and I’m happy that the fifth class now will have their chance next year to try what we did. My class was the first class to ever try this so it’s good we all behaved but still having fun at the same time.

My favourite dish we made was the Shepherd’s Pie.  It was absolutely delicious. I also loved the burgers and wedges and the farmhouse vegetable soup.

On Sunday 7th December I made the wedges at home and I put everything we did on them. They are actually very simple to make, all you need is potatoes, oil and paprika. I made them and my mam said “They are better than the ones you would buy” which is true, they are lovely.

Here’s all the food we made each week:

Week 1 – Pizza Baps

Week 2 – Farmhouse Vegeable Soup and Apple Crumble and Custard

Week 3 – Pasta Bake and Smoothies

Week 4 – Shepherd’s Pie and Raspberry Burst Scones

Week 5 – Homemade Burgers and Wedges/Chips

I loved the experience. Fingers crossed we can do something like this again. Thanks teachers!!

Here are some photographs of our efforts

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