Athlone Castle & Luan Gallery

On Thursday 24th January we went to Athlone Castle and the Luan Gallery. I went to Athlone Castle first. When we arrived we were told all about what the castle was used for. Athlone Castle was used for defence and was also the home to whoever lived in it at the time. Then we were brought inside a part of the castle. In this part there was loads of things people would have used in that time.

Next we were brought to a room where we could dress up as different characters. This was really fun. To finish it off we watched a short film about what it would have been like in those times in Athlone.

We were also brought to the Luan Gallery which had lots of different paintings which were really nice. The first room we were brought into was all about bogs. There was a second room with lots of different paintings of trees. In both rooms we were given a sheet to fill in.

My favourite room was the second room because it was more colourful. I really enjoyed my trip.

By Muireann.

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