Autumn is Here.

We have been talking a lot about Autumn during the past few weeks. We read stories about Big Oak Trees, Sleeping Squirrels and Harry Hedgehog. We learned rhymes about falling leaves and beautiful Autumn colours. We even learned a song about Harry Hedgehog getting ready for his big sleep!

We learned a very long word “HIBERNATION.”

We decided that we would make our own forest. We got brown paper bags and tore them and then twisted them into branches. We had to tear coloured paper into little leaves and stick them on. This took a long time!

When our forest was finished we made some lovely hedgehogs out of márla. They are going to sleep for the winter.

Look at the photos below and see what you think.

P.S. Ms. O’Connell says a big “Thank You” to Joe in Londis for giving us the bags.

Tags: Junior & Senior Infants

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