County Cup Winners visit the School

On Wednesday last (15th Oct) we had a very welcome visit from the Westmeath County Final Winners who came into our school to show us the results of all the hard work that they had put in during the last year. There was great excitement amoung staff, pupils and players alike. The pupils especially enjoyed the visit as they clamoured to get as many autographs as possible from these local heros, the fact that the team brought lots of goodies was also a very welcome gesture. The team captain addressed the pupils and in turn our Student of the Year spoke on behalf of the school and congratulated the team for the great win. We wish them well in their celebrations and look forward to supporting them again as they continue their sporting careers.

Here is a selection of photos taken on the day.

~ The team presents the Cup ~

~ Student of the Year addressing the team~

~ The pupils show their excitment ~

~ The pupils show their excitment ~

~ The pupils show their excitment ~

~ Well Done~

~ One day we fill that cup~

~ It’s good to be winners ~

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