Cumann na mBun Scol, Iarmhi – Final Report

School Football final

On the 23 of May 2017 the Kilcleagh N.S football team made it to the finals. It was a windy and gloomy day with a breeze that chilled you to the bone but thankfully the stands were capable of keeping the wind off the supporters. The Sonna supporters were at the back chanting all the while as the two teams were blasting the football up and done the pitch. It was a tense match with a mere 20 minutes a side. Team Castledaly had complete control over the first half bobbing and weaving in and out and around the giants of players who were Team Sonna. Multiple points and goals were scored on both sides. I was screaming at the top of my lungs the whole way cheering on the Castledaly Team, as goal after goal hit the back of the net. The stands raised up with supporters overjoyed at the success of their family and friends giving it their all. Belting the football all the while at the keeper who was holding up well considering the literal and metaphorical pressure he was under. The first half was quite a good start and got the Castledaly team and the supporter’s morale up. I looked down and the tension had made me crush my can of seven-up!

I went to get sweets with the two euro my gather gave me. I got the sweets and started to make my way back when the stand erupted with cheering. I sprinted back up the stairs and I saw a depressing sight. Sonna had pulled ahead by a sizeable amount. I hurried my way back to my seat to watch the game hoping for a comeback but unfortunately it never came. This time Sonna had the wind on their side and that played a massive part on the outcome of the match. A couple of substitutions were made near the end of the match which changed the figures but didn’t affect the outcome. Perhaps if they had of come on earlier they could have prevented or scored some more goals or points but that didn’t happen and we received a disappointing result

Sonna won 10:7 to 4:9

Despite the disappointing result our players gave it their all to the very end and scored some very final points but unfortunately to no avail. Despite the loss in morale they kept it up to the very end putting pressure on the Sonna team all the while.

Evan played especially well and fitted the captain role perfectly. He led the team into the match and played a very important part through the entirety of the gripping struggle that was that match.


Kilcleagh N. S. v Sonna N.S.

Final of the Cumann na mBunscol Iarmhi competition.

We played an epic final on Tuesday 23rd May. There was a great build up to the game on Monday and Tuesday. Our team arrived at Cusack Park on Tuesday at 5.30 pm, there were some worried faces in the team but we soldiered on. At 6.00 pm we were ready on the pitch and then the whistle was blown and the game began. We scored first, a brilliant point by George, there were some frees given but our goalkeeper Arron kept us in the game. At half time the scoreboard read Kilcleagh N.S. 2:05 – Sonna N.S. 3:04.

After a talk with the teams coach, Mr. Warburton, we went back onto the pitch. Sonna went ahead with a few sneaky goals but we fought back. With some fresh legs we managed to score a few points, even with our fight Sonna proved too strong for our team.

At the final whistle the score was Sonna N.S. 9:02 – Kilcleagh N.S. 4:09

Well done to our players & congratulations to Sonna N.S.

The team lined out as:

Evan (Capt.) Anna, Annie, Jack, Rory, Sophie Ellen, Odhrán, Eliza Jane, Rachel, Arron, Shaun, George, Benjy, Luis, Cormac, Killian, Eli, Kelly.

There is great excitement in Kilcleagh N.S. at the moment. On Monday 15th May we qualified for the Finals of Cumann na mBun Scol, Iarmhí competitions.

We play Scoil Odhran Naofa, Sonna on Tuesday 23rd May in Cusack Park, Mullingar at 6 pm.

The panel is  as follows:

  • Arron 
  • Corey 
  • Evan 
  • Benjy 
  • Rory 
  • Odhrán 
  • Ella 
  • Anna 
  • George 
  • Eliza Jane 
  • Cormac 
  • Sophie Ellen 
  • Shaun 
  • Jack 
  • Luis 
  • Annie 
  • Killian 
  • Eli 
  • Kellie 
  • Rachel 

This is a great achievement for our school, the last time we got to this stage in the competitions was in 2006.


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