On the last day of our cycling course Craig and Steve took us out on the road to allow us to use what we had learned and practised in the yard. It was a dark, dull afternoon as we set off. Ms. O’Connell came with us to see how we would get on. We started off up past the old school and on until we got to Ballinahown. By then some of us were getting tired and it had begun to rain. We cyclyed through Ballinahown and came back to Castledaly through Doon. We were never so happy to see our school!

It was the farthest most of us had ever cylcled in our lives. Craig said that he had misjudged the distance and that we had covered nearly 8 miles!

Ms. O’Connell came in the next day and complimented us all on completing the “Tour de Castledaly” and we all got a homework pass for being so good.

So it was worth it!


5th & 6th class are delighted to be taking part in Weatmeath Sports Partnership ‘Cyclesafe’ programme. The programme will help the children to gain the skills and knowledge to safely cycle and will hopefully encourage them into a world of cycling as a mode of transport and as a source of recreation and sport.

Hoping you enjoy looking at our photographs as much as we enjoy cycling!!!!

Cyclesafe in conjunction with Westmeath Sports Partnership are bringing the following education programme to our school on Monday next 26th Sept for pupils in 5th & 6th classes. Please read on for complete information about this initiative. We welcome any programme that promotes safety on our roads.
Cyclesafe is a cycling education and training program for the primary schools in the Westmeath area. The aims of the
program are to:
· To promote knowledge and understanding of the principles of safe cycling
· To encourage positive and responsible attitudes towards personal safety and that of other road users
· To teach standard rules of behaviour and knowledge when cycling
· To emphasise that safety on the road depends not only on cycling ability but also on readiness at all times to
take avoiding action for other peoples mistakes
· To provide knowledge of where, when and how cycling accidents occur
· To give encouragement & confidence to students in their cycling ability
The program will introduce children of 5th and 6th class to the use, maintenance and safety of cycling and upon
completion each participant will receive a level 2 Bike Start national standard accreditation certificate.
Program Format
· Groups of up to 15 students at a time
· We provide bikes and helmets but children are encouraged to bring their own
· There will be two accredited tutors with each group at all times
· The program is five hours in total and can be delivered over the course of five weeks with a number of
groups per school
· The first hour is class based education
· Each group will then receive four 60 minute practical lessons in safe cycling principles
· The first two hours will be playground based with the next two hours of the program being a group cycle
along the cycle lanes in your schools vicinity.
· The cost for the program is €5 per child.
· Children who reach an acceptable level of competency will receive Level 2 Bike Start accreditation

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