Green Flag Committee

Our Current Green Flag Committee is made up of:

  • Jordan Nugent
  • Alan Henson
  • Jack Kearney
  • Calvin Farrell
  • Daniel Heavin
  • Matthew Duffy

These lads are keeping us on our toes and have just started work on Kilcleagh’s fourth Green Flag. The theme is transport so expect to see more pupils cycling or walking to school with safety. The boys are helped by Miche Scholte with this new project. Miche works as a Travel Education Officer with An Taisce and will be visiting our classrooms on Friday Oct15th and Friday Nov12th. The boys are also very busy making sure that we all remember the Green Flags we have already achieved. So litter bugs, water wasters and energy guzzlers – all beware!!!

Other Environmental News

On Friday November 5th all classes will be visited by the Irish Parks and Wildlife Services. We will be hearing exciting new facts on Minibeasts and Irish Bogs.

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