Infants Autumn

We have been very busy learning all about Autumn.  We talked about colourful leaves falling down.  We learned about the Squirrel and the Hedgehog.  Ms. O’Connell showed us her friends Harry and his wife Bernadette who visit her every night at 9 o’clock for some yummy catfood!

We learned Autumn rhymes and songs.

We talked about a really long sleep called “hibernation.” We made some colourful hedgehogs to hibernate there.

We made a big list of Autumn words. Here it is…………


Nathan Knobby the Oak tree
Tylor Fall
Harry Trick or Treat
Georgia Bare trees
Áine Bernadette the Hedgehog
Caoilfhionn Badger
Kiera Sammy the Squirrel
Eoin P Harry Hedgehog
Joe Hibernation
Tomás Hallowe’en
Rachel Pumpkin
Ronan Autumn leaves are falling down
Mary Ripe red berries
Sophie D Colourful leaves
Niamh Yellow leaves
Muireann Blackberries
Cillian Chestnuts
Ruby Autumn trees
Kate Collecting acorns
Grace Swallows
Aoibhe Apples
Aoibheann Hazelnuts
Eoin D Combine Harvester
Vivienne Acorns
Anna Changing colours
Sheenagh Deer
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