The pupils from 3rd to 6th classes are currently learning about  and participating in the sport of orienteering.  We had a very enjoyable experience in the school grounds yesterday with Mr. Padraig Higgins who assisted us in co-coordinating this sport .

Orienteering Recount

Today at school, in between the two breaks a man called Padraig came in to teach us to orienteer.

The first thing Padraig did was talk to us about the British and how they created the map of Ireland. Then we watched some Youtube videos.

After that he taught us how to read and use the map. Next we got our coats on and went outside.

When we got outside we went to the starting point and lined up. We did the field first and then went to the tarmac. We were really tired when we were finished and our shoes were filthy.

Overall it was a very good day and very good fun. Next week we are going to Belvedere House to orienteer. I can’t wait!

To follow on from this experience we are bringing the pupils to Belvedere House in Mullingar on Thursday next (25th) and we are all quite excited about it.

For those pupils who wish to engage further with this sport outside of school hours please use this link for more information.

Orienteering in Ireland

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