Our Class Pets

Last year Ms. O’Connell’s room got class pets. We got two gerbils who we called “Coca” and “Cola”. They live just outside our door and are very happy. They need to be fed every day and we have to fill up their water bottle when needed. Their favourite foods are peanuts and sunflower seeds. Sometimes for a treat we give them some apple. They love to play on their wheel and also they love to chew little bits of wood. This keeps their teeth healthy. We have some photographs here if you would like to see them.

This year we got two goldfish. They are called “Goldie” and “Silver”. We feed them every day and Ms. O’Connell cleans their bowl and changes their water every week. They live in our classroom and they listen very carefully to everything we say – this helps to remind us always to be nice and not to make too much noise!

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