Schools Long Ago

Junior & Senior Infants have been learning about children in schools long ago. We looked at pictures taken in the Old School in Castledaly between 1908 and 1947.

We noticed that lots of the children were not wearing any shoes or socks!

We also noticed that in the photos they did not look happy and nobody smiled. The teacher was called Master Murphy. Ms. O’Connell showed us a slideshow about schools in the past and we saw very cross teachers with big sticks. We think this made the children very scared.

We learned that they had slates to write on and that they sat in very uncomfortable desks all in a straight line. Some children who made mistakes had to wear a silly pointed hat with the word DUNCE on it. We would hate that!

We looked at our school bell and the numbers board which were here when some of our Mammies, Daddies and even Grannies and Grandads came to our school. Imagine that!

We took a picture of ourselves pretending to be back in those days, and then we one as we are now. See the difference?

We are so happy that we go to a nice school with a teacher who makes us laugh in 2016!!

See all the photos below…

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