Science Fair 2023

On Friday 24th November there was great excitement in Mr. Meaney’s room as preparations got underway for this year’s Science Fair.
5th & 6th Class worked so hard in organising what they needed for their various experiments.
Have a look at the information below and see how much wonderful work was done.
Enjoy the Slideshow!!!

Experiment and Names
1. Elephant Toothpaste
Sheenagh & Grace

2. Volcano Coke and Mentos
Harry & Nathan

3. Ice Cream in a Bag
Sophie & Georgia

4. Paper Ruler, Bike Wheel
Tomás & Michael

5. Bouncy Eggs
Joe & Eoin

6. Glow in the Dark Explosion and Bouncy Ball
Rachel, Emily & Caoilifhionn

7. Oobleck & Robotic Hand
Áine & Florence

8. Catapult & Geodes
Tylor, Eoin & Ronan

9. Cloud in a jar
Effect of cola on an egg
Sophie D & Aoibheann

10. Crush Can & Glitter Germs
Ruby & Muireann

11. Volcano Experiment, Invisible Ink, Edible Glass
Mary, Aoibhe & Niamh

12. Pressure on balloons. Table experiment
Anna & Kate

The Science Fair was a huge success!!
5th & 6th Class put on a great show for 3rd & 4th and 1st and 2nd joined us at the end.


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