Senior School Tour

School Tour

This year we went to Loughcrew Adventure Centre for our school tour.

Our school tour started when we first stepped foot on the bus which would bring us to our destination. A journey which would take numerous hours. When we finally reached our destination the bus passed it!! We ended going up a really steep hill similar to a roller coaster. Then it turned out that at the top of the hill was the Loughcrew Cairns. So we set off again to the adventure centre. After going back down the hill we parked up and went to the cabins and left our bags there. We were split into two groups and set off to do our activities.

My group’s first activity was a race across a rope which was tied to two trees. The first person to reach the other team’s tree won. After everyone had a go we set off to the zipline which was great fun.

After this we had lunch and then set off to the rope course which was one of the largest activities. It was one of those things that tests your balance and endurance. The last two activities were where you got dirty; another obstacle course and the assault course. The assault course was like something out of Ireland’s fittest families except for one thing Loughcrew didn’t have showers.

I really enjoyed Loughcrew and its activities. Its instructors were really nice as well. This was definitely the best school tour of all my school years.


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