The Bad Beginning

The Bad Beginning

Book Report

By Graham Turner 4th Class

The Bad Beginning is the first book in the A Series of Unfortunate Events series.
The story is about three children: Klaus, Violet and Sunny.
One day, when they are on the beach, they see a man coming down the beach. It was Mr. Poe, their parents’ friend. He came down with some very bad news.
He said that their house had burnt down and their parents had died inside it.
The children cannot inherit their parents’ fortune until they are old enough and they have to move to their distant relative, Count Olaf.
But, Count Olaf was very mean to the children and he tries to get hold of the Baudelaire fortune. The children become suspicious when he asks them to act in a play, called The Marvellous Marriage, and he wants Violet to be the girl he marries. But when she is only supposed to marry her in pretend, his neighbour, Justice Strauss, is a real judge and she acts as the judge in the play. So Count Olaf tries to marry Violet in real life but Violet outsmarts him. He escapes when one of Olaf’s friends turns off all the lights and he escapes. He vows to get the fortune sometime in the future.

The End?????

Look out for all the other books because they are great.

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