Uisneach Field Trip

Uisneach Field Trip

Today my classroom and I went on a field trip to Uisneach. Uisneach is a hill located in the middle of Ireland. The hill of Uisneach is an old ceremonial site. It is a hill between the villages of Ballymore and Loughnavalley. A man called Marty was our tour guide and he escorted us up the hill and showed us lots of different little spots in history on the hill.

The first spot we visited was called “The Palace.” The Palace is just a small circle of rocks and where over 1,000 years ago all of the kings would meet up every night.

The next place we went was called “The Fairy Tree.” This tree was really cool, it had colourful ribbon all around it and there were logs all around it that you could sit on. Marty told us the story about Niamh and Óisin and then we went on to the next spot.

The next spot we went to was another hill but yet still on the Uisneach hill. This was a hill that all of the warriors used to practice rolling and fighting. Marty let all of us roll down it ourselves.

The final spot we went to was a rock call “The Cat Rock.” The Cat Rock is a huge rock that’s there for over 10,000 years.

When the tour was all over we went back to a big area where we ate our lunch and had a chat.

I really enjoyed this field trip to Uisneach and I hope to go again in the future.

Written by: Kate

Here are some photos of our days adventure.


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