Van Gogh

We have been learing about Vincent Van Gogh. We looked at lots of his paintings – our favourites were “Sunflowers in a Vase” and “Starry Starry Night.”

We learned that poor Vincent was a sad  man. He loved to paint but people didn’t want to buy his pictures. One day he got so upset that he cut off his ear!

We learned about his friend Dr. Gachet who put  a big bandage on him. We wrote little stories about Vincent’s life and then we all painted our own starry night pictures.

A big thank you to James from Junior Infants who got us a lovely book about Vincent from Lorna in the lovely new library!

Listen to the song we like about Vincent as you look at our slideshow of our work. We hope you enjoy both as much as we did!

Starry Starry Night

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