Visit from Circus

A circus came to visit the school yesterday. There were jugglers, acrobats and a clown called Boots. The whole school got to watch them doing their tricks and telling funny jokes. All three performers were brilliant, they way the they could bend and flip was just “astonishing”, “out of this world” “very professional” were some of the comments from the senior pupils.

Here are some of the pupils views:

At 12:00 pm the circus van pulled up outside the school and started to unload. We all entered the G.P. room at 1 pm. There were 4 people with the circus, they started juggling, then unicycling, followed by a clown. They did some acrobatic maneuvers and some balancing tricks. It was a great hour and I enjoyed it immensely.

Cian F

Have a look at our photos and see for yourselves.

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