Workshop on Energy Saving

On Monday 26th May Vincent English came to give us a talk about electricity and saving energy. He works for a company called Vernier which is based in America. He came in on behalf of Westmeath County Council and as a result of a prize that one of our pupils won recently which included a workshop for his classmates.

Vincent taught us about atoms and about what the elements are in water. He told us that he was going to pull the two elements of water apart, Hydrogen and Oxygen. He explained that H2O stands for H2 – O1. H2 stands for Hydrogen and O1 stands for Oxygen.

He had an unusual type of car with him that he said is fuelled on nothing but water. Most of us didn’t believe him but after he explained how this happens everybody understood.

He told us that if we have an interest in Physics and Science to study it in secondary school and not to give up.

Here he is pictured with the prize winner and the car fuelled only on water.

Vincent English/Workshop on Energy Saving.
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