Life Cycles!

Rang III & IV spent alot of time learning about the life cycle of a butterfly and the life cycle of a frog. We found out some fantastic facts. If you would like to learn all about frogs take a look at Faustina & Saoirse’s fantastic report. Ellen & Abbie also wrote an excellent frog fact file. If you prefer butterflies take a glance at Emma & Orlaigh’s fact file.

Faustina and Saoirse Ellen & Abbie

Orlaigh & Emma

We worked with a partner which made the work more interesting as we shared ideas, listened to each other and took turns at the various jobs. Other reports that you will find intersting:

Adam and Jay

Moya & Katie

Dylan & Adam

Conor & Ciara

Cathal & Aoife

Megan & Rachel

Steven & Christopher

Katie & Dylan

Caoimhe & Davy

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