Artemis Fowl and the Eternity Code

Book Report
Title: Artemis fowl and the eternity code
Author: Eoin Colfer
Artemis Fowl is at it again. He has modified an LEP helmet into a small compact super- computer that can read anything from cassette to blu-ray. It can also hack any computer.

Jon Spiro the owner of American mobile phone company Fission-Chips wants the cube (the computer) and is prepared to go to extreme lengths to get it. Protected by Butlers rival bodyguard Arno Blunt has Artemis finally met his match? Or will he decide to turn good and give Spiro the computer? Not likely! Artemis is not going down without a fight or without Holly Short and Mulch Diggums his fairy friends.

I give Colfer 10/10. He is truly brilliant. –Darragh Owens

Tags: Fifth & Sixth

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