Our Trip To Ericsson

It was a cold, crisp morning, like any other.  It was a Tuesday morning and we had just hopped off the bus. We walked through the huge rotating doors.  We were greeted by a woman called Nancy who gave us student passes to show that we were visiting.

Next, we followed a woman called Barbara into the Lecture Hall where we met Sinead, Kieran, Pat and Dennis. They gave a presentation about who they were and what they did in Ericsson.

Afterwards, we followed Barbara into a room full of laptops and computers. We all got into groups of four and we started coding on this thing called a microbit. After a while we went for lunch (it was delicious!) and went straight back to coding.   But this time we hooked the microbit up to some fruit and we could touch the fruit to make it play “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”

Finally we took the bus back to school. It was a great day and everyone really enjoyed it.  Thank you so much to all the staff at Ericsson (especially the parents of some of our Castledaly pupils – Sinead Pillion, Kieran Dullea and Pat Mulchrone) who organised and contributed to what was a really great day!!


Tags: Fifth & Sixth

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