We have now been awarded our third Green Flag, the theme this time was Energy. Well done to all involved. This was our slogan for the theme.


To save our planet from ruin

Save Energy

Or we’ll be extinct very soon!

Keep Precious Water

So our wells won’t dry

And we won’t be moving to the moon so soon!

By: S. Fitzpatrick

Our slogan for our second Green Flag was:

We recycle,

We have fun,

We save Energy

And so should EVERYONE.

BY N. Young

We have been very lucky to be rewarded for all our hard work over the last 2 years by being awarded the Green Flag.
Our school started by looking around to see how much rubbish there was. After we made an “action plan” we put together a committee of 5 pupils and 3 teachers.

Our first slogan was:

Our Green Code

By: P. Holloway

We’re working to save the Environment,

We pick up litter at break,

We compost our waste,

Paper we shred!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Our second slogan was:

by Neil Young.

We Recycle,

We have fun,

We save Energy

And so should EVERYONE.

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