Green Flag – Global Citizenship

Our Green Flag Committee had the honour of collecting our latest Green Flag award for Environmental Awareness.

This is a culmination of a huge amount of work and great credit is due to those involved.

Our 6th Green Flag

For the last two years we have been working to get our 6th Green Flag for Global Citizenship. When we had all our work done we had a visit from Lorraine from the County Council. She was really nice. We showed her all our work from the past two years. She was impressed. We had charts, pictures, slogans, songs and information on trips we had been on to do with the programme.

Last Tuesday the 21st of May four of us went to the Green Flag awards. Kate, Skyla, Kelly and I went because we also had talked to Lorraine. The awards were in the Hodson Bay Hotel. First we played some environment games and got our photo taken with the Green Flag. Then we sat down and listened to different people from the County Council and other schools performances. Then we were all presented with our flags school by school. After we were treated to a dinner.

We then brought back our 6th Green Flag to our proud school!


Hodson Bay (Green Flag)

On the 21st of May myself and three other girls went to Hodson Bay Hotel to receive our sixth Green Flag for Global Citizenship. We also went with our teacher Ms. Leslie. When we got there we queued up to get a green flag bag with a bottle and a badge for each of us. Then we went outside and played a human board game and moved over to photos. We got a photo with the big Green Flag and suddenly it was time to go into a huge room of seats and we went over all of the different flags (8 altogether). After talking and receiving, it was time for our sit down lunch. For lunch we got chicken curry and ice-cream for dessert.

I think we did really well to receive our sixth Green Flag and hope to get the last two.


Hodson Bay

Last Tuesday the 21/05/2019, Me, Áine, Kate & Kellie were on the green schools committee, and were invited to Hodson Bay to receive our 6th Green Flag for Global Citizenship.

So the four of us and our teacher, Ms. Leslie, with my mom as the driver went to Hodson Bay. We were early so we got to relax and play some games, like giant snakes and ladders. Then we got our photo taken with a green flag. At 11:00a.m. we were sitting in our seats, along with lots of other schools, primary schools, secondary schools and adult groups. There were eight categories, we were the fifth to get called. When we were called, the four of us went up to receive our flag and our certificate.

After that we went to a sit-down lunch, where we got served chicken curry and ice-cream. Then we went for a short walk and were back at the school in no time.



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