New Arrivals!

Great News!  “Fluffyball the First” as named by Conor from Rang IV arrived overnight.  Here he/she is.

We are waiting on “Egbert” as named by Evan from Rang II to emerge next.  We will keep you posted!

“Fluffyball” and “Egbert” have been joined by 4 more little chicks.They have been named “Hettyfeather” by Andrea from Senior Infants, “Eggstreme” by Ella from Rang II, “Choccolocco” by Seán from Senior Infants and the last one to hatch was christened “Crack Obama” by Katie & Abbie from Rang IV.

We started off on March 21st with 12 lovely brown eggs but now have a little family of 6.  So you really can’t count your chickens before they hatch!

Here is a taste of some of the excellent stories that Rang II & IV wrote about the chicks!  Enjoy!  We have also included photos of  some of the paintings which we created while listening to The Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks!

The Adventures of Choco By Helen Lynch

The adventures of Choco By Sarah Nestor

The Adventures of Fluffyball the First by Anna Sheerin

The adventures of Fluffyball the First By Conor O’Brien

Choco by Jay Looney
Egbert by Dylan McManus
2 Little Chicks by Chloe Heavin
Busy Nest by Katie Gough

They are very happy in their home and are busy pecking at their food and stretching their tiny wings.  Have a look at the photos below.

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