Orienteering at Belvedere House

A trip to Belvedere

On Thursday the 25th of October 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th went to Belvedere House, just outside Mullingar. We were going to do orienteering. We did it before in school but now we were in a much bigger area.

We met Padraig there and we then split up into our groups. First we went around some of the course just to see what is what on the map.

After that we went back to the other groups at the starting point.

We were all told which stamp to go to first, and when we were told to go we all darted of. My group found it easy to find the first stamp and the second one. When we got back we had to look for number 39 and 40. When we got up to forty we found it hard to find number 39. At first we went the wrong way and after that we went the other way and we found it in the woods behind a tree. When we got back we were told to get 31 and 32. We dashed up and down hills, it was the farthest one away but we kept on going all the way until we got there and then we were finished. When we got back we were able to drink the water from the stream, it was way nicer than normal water.

I really enjoyed doing orienteering in Belvedere House. I would love to do it again, especially with my friends!

Thanks to Ms. Leslie for bringing us there.

Here is a slideshow of our trip to Belvedere House in Mullingar to explore further the skills used in orienteering. We all had a fabulous day and want to share it with you. [st]

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