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Peace is about kindness and not fighting and no wars.

Peace is about getting on with someone or something like your neighbour, your friends or your countries neighbour.

Peace is also about being calm and not getting angry or het-up.

That is why I don’t think that there will ever be total peace on earth, because every human being gets angry sometime, it’s the way we’re designed. But I think that there will be total and complete peace in heaven, because then there will be no bombs, no murder, no killing and no pain.

I don’t think anyone can change the world. There is too many bad people and too little good. Or if there is more good than bad in the world then I think that we should all try to be good so that there is definitely more good than bad. But in the meantime the good will try to beat the bad on their own.

So hopefully they’ll succeed to make the world a better place that it is now.

Sarah – 6th class

19th November 2015

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