During 2008 Athlone Education Centre produced a book of poetry written by children from Counties Galway, Longford, Offaly, Roscommon & Westmeath.
Lots of us submitted poems and the poem chosed for publication from our school was ” What Is Black” by Rebecca Farrell from 6th class.
This is her poem:

What Is Black.
Black is the colour of the sky at night.
Black is the colour of a very old kite.
A badger is black,
So is a bat.
You can also get some black cotton hats.
Black is the colour for a funeral day.
Black is the colour of Batman’s cape.
Coke is black.
A crow is black.
So many things are
black, black, black.
(6th class pupil 2007/08)

~ Rebecca at the launch of Write-A-Poem 2008.~

~Pictured here with her mother and Mrs. Connolly.~

Here are some other poems composed by our pupils:

Nature’s Season
Autumn is gone
Winter’s past,
Spring gone by
Summer at last.
Sitting in a deckchair
Looking at the sky,
Birds are singing,
As I watch white clouds go by.
Trees as green as green can be,
I can hear running water
Like a stream flowing beside
Summer is truly nature’s season.
(Darragh Owens – 4th class pupil)

The Death of One Thing starts a New Life for Another Thing
I was walking to work one day
The weather was very grey.
When I got to the office I got a very big surprise,
A note on my desk was saying
You have one minute to move your car.
The only problem was
I couldn’t remember wher I had parked my car.
So then I ran as fast as I could to the junkyard.
When I got there it was too late.
My car had been turned into a CUBE
so I thought to myself
The death of one thing
Starts the life for another thing.
(Connor Duffy – 6th Class Pupil)

Some animals are very exciting.
Others are very frightening.
Some are big and brute
And others are small and cute.
A lion can roar so loud
And a boar can squeal
as high as a cloud.
Some can bark and
Some can moo.
I like animals and
I hope you do too.
(Kelley Larkin – 6th class pupil)

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