Sports Day June 2014

Sports Day 2014 turned into Sports Week because we were determined to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Everybody from 1st – 6th class was put on a team – we had eight teams with very imaginative names: Dimple Dizzies, M & M’s, The Greyhounds, Rainbow Unicorns, Flipper Floppers, Green Lightning, Fluffy Marshmallows & The Coco Pops.

Junior & Senior Infants had their own competitions with Ms. O’Connell.

Some of the events were: Hurdles, Egg & Spoon, Water Relay, Wellie Throw, Sack Race, Long Jump & Poc Fada.

We had great fun and our winners were:

1st –         Green Lightning

2nd –        Rainbow Unicorns

3rd –        The Coco Pops

Here are our winning teams.

Many thanks to our local HP rep, Damien Farrell for the ice-creams. We enjoyed them!

Here are some photos of the fun we were having.

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