The Wide Window

The Wide Window

By Graham Turner

After Uncle Monty’s death, the Baudelaires moved to their Aunt Josephine on a remote island. She lived on an extremely steep hill where half of the house was hanging on to the side of the hill ready to fall off. Mr.Poe had some important business to attend to so could not come with them.

After arriving, Aunt Josephine was waiting for them. She was very careful. She didn’t answer the phone in case she would get a shock. She didn’t touch the doorknobs in case it smashed and one of the pieces would go into her eye. She didn’t use the cooker, oven or stove in case she burnt herself. The Baudelaires were given one bedroom with three beds to sleep in. Violet was given a doll, Klaus was given a train set, and Sunny was given a book. Klaus swapped with Violet and Sunny swapped with Klaus.

They had to eat cold food all the time because their aunt would not cook anything.

One day when they all went to the shop, they met a man called Captain Sham. Of course, he is Count Olaf. (Again) When they try to tell Aunt Josephine, she does not believe them. (Again.) Captain Sham suggests that he took care of the children and Aunt Josephine agrees. They have some extremely close calls, but always seem to escape.

To find out more, you should read the book.

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