Visit to Moate Library

On Wednesday last 3rd & 4th class were invited to Moate Library to meet poet, song writer & illustrator Paul Tubb.  We really enjoyed our afternoon and got a chance to write our own Limericks!

There was an old lady from Spain
Who had a very bad pain
The pain she had
Was so very bad
She could hardly go on the plane!  By Aimee, Lucy, Kate & Aoife.
There was an old lady from Spain
That had such a very bad pain
She cut off her dress
Because she was a mess
What kind of pain was in her brain? By Eliza-Jane, Rachel, Kellie & Áine M
There was an old lady from Spain
But she had a really bad pain
She tried to hop
She tried to mop
But now she walks with a cane.  By Luis, Cormac, Killian, Eli & Muireann.
There once was a lady from Spain
Who was in very bad pain
She fell on the floor
Hit her head on the door
And now she’s ever so lame! By Shaun, Callum, Zack & Skly-Rose.

When we returned to school we wrote our own Limericks.  Click here to have a read .Limericks 3rd

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